【Who is Haneulia?】Let’s find out pretty must-check Korean instagrammer!

Hello or Annyeonghaseyo to everyone!

Here is Korean loving blogger, Yung-Yung.


Have you heard of ”Haneulina”,a Korean celebrity who brags overwhelming popularity among Korean girls?


She achieved a huge success at a young age by launching a lingerie brand “Haneul Haneul” on her own. Haneulina, CEO of the company, models for the brand demonstrating her beauty and charisma, that fascinate not just employee of her company but many Korean girls.


Today, let’s find out such a successful girl, Haneulina.


Who is Haneulina?


Born in 1993, 24 year old Haneulia is an ulzzang who is popular  both in Korea and Japan. She is CEO as well as a model for “Haneul Haneul”, a lingerie brand. With approximately 820K followers on Instagram, the ulzzang wins popularity not only in Korean but in other countries including Japan as an instagrammer.


Charms of Heneulina



Haneulina is well known ulzzang for her dolly cuteness as well as stunning body figure. 


On instagram, she posts fashon, makeup , foods and other various pictures. Especially her room photos are something you can’t miss! Her room is so stylish it can be used as a model house!


Haneulina also plays a role of CEO of online store operating company.   “Haneul Haneul”, an lingerie brand she founded offers ladies’ underwear products that are super popular in Korea. The CEO, who is also a model for the brand, is loved by the employees of the company.  Although she is a young girl, Haneulina demonstrates her greatness!


Lovely hair style of Haneulina



Basically, Haneulina’s hair style is long hair. Her smooth silky hair is really enchanting!


In this picture, she looks elegant with divided bangs.


Airy curls at the end of long hair are one of the key points of her feminine hair style. Heneulina’s hair style must attract many people who love girly hair style.


Why don’t you try Haneulina-style makeup?



Haneulina has flawless white skin and her make up gives us clean innocent image! In this picture, her eyes are shining with spring color eye shadow!


Her cheek is light, never be strong! If you are interested in Korean girls’ makeup, why don’t you try her style?


Cure picture of Hanelulina



Haneulina in Korean traditional dress.  Among Korean girls, it is in fashion to wear traditional Korean dress and take a picture on the back of traditional townscape.



Haneulina is also a YouTuber. Recently she uploaded her own makeup video! We can learn and try her pure-looking makeup.




Look at Haneulina’s fabulous body figure!




Not only pureness Haneulina has sexiness which is fully demonstrated when she is modeling for her own lingerie brand.




This photo was taken when she visited Japan!  Haneulina wearing Minnie mouse costume looks so cute



This article is focused on Haneulina, another super attractive ulzzang instagrammer!


Blessed with cuteness and charisma, she is and will be a rising star with her own lingerie brand steadily gaining popularity among Korean women.


We must keep an eye of Haneulina

【Instagram】The top 5 pretty Korean Instagramers

Hello or Annyeonghaseyo to everyone! Here is Korean loving blogger, Yung-Yung.


Today, I ‘d like to introduce you to the 5 cutest Korean instagrammers!  Like American SNS culture, in Korea, there are not just popular YouTubuers but star instagrammers that attract many followers with fabulous posts.


Those who like Korean fashion/ makeup styles may have already known some or all of them.

Let’s find and follow your favorite Korean instagrammer !


No.5 mayolluvia


Do Hwae-Ji (@mayolluvia) / on Instagram: photos and videos


・Name: Do Hwae-Ji
・# of followers: approx 230K


She can be called the most well-known ulzzang in Korea. (Ulzzang means pretty girl in Korean 

She became popular as an owner of her own online shopping mall and as a fashion model. Her posts on instagram show fashion items, yummy-looking Korean foods, travel scenes, and so on.


If you are interested in Korean fashion culture, she is one of the must-check instagrammers.


No.4 yoonara_cf


yoon a ra (@yoonara_cf) /on Instagram: Photos and Videos


 ・NameYoon A Ra
 ・# of followers on instargarmapprox 440K


Another one of the most popular olzzangs in Korea.


Her wide variety of activities include appearances in TV programs and running her own online shopping site.


Through her instagram posts, you can, of course, find pretty Korean fashion items as well as her favorite cosmetic items. She is a must-check Korean instagrammer to those who are interested in Korean cosmetics.




Boralim (@3.48kg) / on Instagram: photos and videos


 ・Name Boarlim
 ・Age 22
 ・# of followersapprox 500K


”Boarlim” is the most popular instagrammer among Japanese. Her outstanding beauty attracted attention when she was a high schooler.


She is known for her wide range of activities as a fashion model and as a girl friend of Swings, a popular singer in Korea.


Her posts on Instagram not only introduce her favorite fashion items but show how she maintains her body shape.


No.2 sora_pppp


park so ra(@sora_pppp) /on Instagram: phictures and videos


 ・Name Park So Ra
 ・# of followersapprox 760K


She is modeled for Stylenanda, a fashion brand that is famous both in Korea and Japan .


Park So Ra, now popular fashion model, used to be known for a pop idol.

On Instagram, as a representative of Stylenannda, she posts many fashion and cosmetics pictures. If you want to know more about Korean fashion and cosmetics, you can’t miss her instagram posts!


N0.1】 hwa.min


@hwa.min / on Instagram: Photos and videos


 ・Name Son HwaMin
 ・# of followersapprox 820K


”Son HwaMin” can be called the most famous instagrammer in Korea.


While Korean models generally wear heavy make-up, her fashion as wells a makeup are natural.


Most of her instagram posts introduce makeups and styles/ fashion items that we can wear. In addition to fashion and makeup photos, she posts travel photos on instagram.

Find out Son Hwamin more 



In this article, I introduced cute Korean instagrammers, I am sure those who like Korean fashion would love, in a form of ranking.

While Japan and Korea have a lot in common, you can find differences between them through Insgagram.
It may help Korean learners .


I hope posts of the instagrammers introduced in this article show you more attractiveness of Korea